I hope you live a life so passionately that you can’t stop smiling about it.

ABOUT the owner

Hi, I’m Sophie!

Small talk is not my thing – storytelling, design & images are.

With design and photography as well as videos I support the story, tell stories and make emotions visible. It’s about more than a product or service. It’s about well thought-out design, compelling stories and real, authentic imagery without exaggerating. It’s about making a strong impression without being flashy. It’s about authenticity, story and emotion, and not about the perfectly staged version.

I am curious, enthusiastic and versatile. I can live out all these qualities with design, storytelling, project management, marketing, photography and videography. I find it just as exciting to brand start-ups and to give every seemingly insignificant small brand the perfect appearance as to deliberately present something creative, authentic and well thought-out for existing companies or brands.

I love the Baltic Sea and my home but suffer from chronic wanderlust which is why I have not committed myself to one location professionally, but travel in Germany and around the world.

I look forward to meeting you!

what I believe in


Passion – I do believe in passion more than in anything else. Nothing will make you unhappier than doing what you’re not curious about. That’s why I love working with Start-Ups and the spirit it brings with.


Individuality – Embrace your weirdness! None of my friends would have gone or go my way – and I am not their way. I am the happiest outdoors and living most of the year on the road working from anywhere. You are perfect as you are.


Community – You do not need thousands of friends but some real close ones are very important. The ones who stick through thick & thin with you will always be the ones to support you first. Friends are chosen family – remember.

These are a few of my favorite things
I am addicted to road trips, sunrises, good coffee, hammocks, sea air, mountain peaks, cake, pasta and dogs.

Let’s work together